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Software Development
Whether you need an app for Windows, Android or iOS we have you covered. Using native programming languages such as C#, C++, Java, and Swift, AscuniaTech LLC will satisfy your software needs!
Hardware Development
If you need a computer,smart watch or even a robot assistant created for you, AscuniaTech LLC can satisfy your hardware needs!
Website Development
We ensure that the user of a customers website will return. Websites are designed using the latest web technologies. AscuniaTech LLC can satisfy your website needs!
Tech Support
If your computer isn't working, AscuniaTech LLC can satisfy your tech support needs!
Customer Satisfaction
AscuniaTech LLC makes sure that you are satisfied with the end results of your product no matter what. We will satisfy all of your technological needs!
Self promotion is difficult. Especially when you're just starting off. AscuniaTech LLC already has a large presence, for the CEO/Founder is a nationally recognized developer. Why not promote through AscuniaTech LLC?

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The Story So Far

AscuniaTech LLC was founded by 15-year-old freshman looking for a way to showcase his development skills and make peoples lives easier. Starting off as nothing more than a locally known company, AscuniaTech LLC has now become nationally recognized.

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$750/Month Maintenance Fee

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Free In-App Ads Setup

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Website Supporting Product Included

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Several Protoypes of Product

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$500/Month Maintenance Fee

Free Marketing Materials

Free Analytical Data Report Monthly

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Testimonial 1
Shamari Walker

AscuniaTech LLC was founded by Shamari Walker Jr. at the age of 15. He is currently proficent in a dozen programming languages and develops all projects of AscuniaTech LLC.